What is the UIGEA and How it Changed Online Gambling in America

Players who are form the US may have an interest in online gambling , but many are aware of the UIGEA and may feel that there are no safe payment methods that can be used when playing in off shore casino sites. The UIGEA was passed in 2006 and the law changed how US players are able to gamble online. It affected online gambling around the world and many online casinos and players suffered when this was passed. Prior to the passing of UIGEA, online gambling has been a growing pastime since the 1990s. However, conservatives in the US wanted to put an end to US residents accessing off shore online casinos. The main problem was that he laws pertain to online gambling were not specific and there were no laws that completely prohibited US players from gambling online.

In 1999, there was a quick attempt to outlaw online gambling for US players, but the bill never passed. This lead to the passage of UIGEA in 2006 as a way to restrict how players could access online games for real money play. When the law passed, many online poker rooms and online casinos made no changes, but some literally closed their doors because of the loss of US players. This greatly impacted the industry around the world and put a huge restriction on players from the US.

The law does not actually prohibit players from playing online, but it makes it extremely difficult for US players to be able to fund casino accounts. With the UIGEA, players do not have the ability to use any credit or debit card to make transactions at casino sites. US banking institutions restrict the processing of any financial transaction at an online casino. This means that US players have to scramble to find safe and reliable ways to manage their real money accounts in off shore casinos. Since US players are now so restricted, a number of leading software providers will not even accept these players at their online casinos.

Since online gambling has been legalised in the US, players will find that they can use credit cards and debit cards in these casinos only. However, not every US online casino will allow this, and players are still suffering from the original law that prevents them from having reliable and secure ways to make casino transactions online.

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