NZ Online Casino Legality

Players who reside in New Zealand may be wondering about the current gambling laws that are in place. Luckily, these laws are pretty straight forward, but it is essential for all online gamblers to be aware of the laws and learn how they can affect where and how players play online. The legality of online gambling is clear cut and at this time, it is completely legal for any resident from New Zealand to access an online casino and play real money games. The laws are rather extensive, but most apply to operators and not players. While some players may be confused, they should be assured that it is safe and legal to access any off shore casino and play the games that are supported. The government of NZ is not overly concerned with stopping players from gambling online. The concern is focused on shutting down illegal casino sites that may be operating in New Zealand.

In 2003, New Zealand passed a Gambling Act. Prior to this, it was legal for players to enjoy all casino activities from sites that were operating in New Zealand. The casinos that were operating were not regulated by any laws. The new laws states that all forms of online gambling are prohibited. Some players may think that they can no longer gamble online, but the laws actually refer to the online casinos that are operating. With this new law, no new online casinos can begin operating in the country. This law is very similar to the one in place for Australian players.

Even though there is a lack of NZ online casinos in the country, players will still find that they have many options when they wish to gamble online. It is completely legal for players to find off shore casinos and create accounts, accessing the games for real money payouts. Players often become confused when they are reading the gambling laws, but they should be aware that what is in place just prohibits online operators from opening any new sites. It does not affect how players can play online and enjoy gambling action. In NZ, many players enjoy gambling and with so many online casinos catering to their needs, there is a site that will meet all player desires.