Australia Online Casino Legality

Many residents of Australia enjoy gambling and would like to gamble in online casinos. Online gambling provides players with many great benefits. First, players will not have to travel to a land casino, they will enjoy better payouts and will find that online casinos offer a greater selection of games that can be played for real money. These are just some of the reasons that many Australian players find online casinos to meet their gambling needs. However, it is important for these players to be aware of the current gambling laws before they choose any online casino. Aussie players do have some restrictions, but they will often find that there are a number of online casinos that will meet all of their needs, while allowing for legal gambling.

In 2001, the Australian Government passed the Interactive Gambling Act. This was put in place to protect Australian residents from the harmful aspects of gambling. While many players feel that this Act applies to them, it actually only applies to operators. The current gambling laws state that no online casino can be licensed or operating within Australia. It is an offence for any operator to offer services directly in Australia, but this does not apply to how players can access online casinos. Aussie residents are free to gamble at any off shore online casino that will accept them as a real money player. This can be confusing for new gamblers online, but they should be aware that it is not illegal to engage in any form of online gambling. It is only illegal for operators to operate within Australia.

After understanding these laws, players will realise that they have many options when it comes to playing online. A number of online casinos that are registered in the UK will cater to the needs of Aussie players by offering the most popular payment methods and conducting transactions in Australian Dollars. These casinos will also support the most popular games for Aussies, which are pokies. Even though there are no true Australian online casinos available, players will have hundreds of sites that offer great gambling action online.

It is always important for players to review current gambling laws before accessing any Australian casino site. They should also take a look at the privacy policies of the casino that is chosen. Armed with the right information, Aussie players can enjoy amazing gambling outings without ever having to leave home.