About OLG Online Casino Gaming

For Canadian players, online gambling is something that can easily and legally be enjoyed every day. In Canada, there are no laws to prevent online casinos from operating in Canada, which presents players with a wide range of options. Not only can Canadian players choose an online casino in their own country, but they are free to gamble at any off shore online casino as well. When it comes to the regulations regarding online gambling, many Canadian players may have heard of the OLG, which stands for the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation This was created in 2000 and it is responsible for the lotteries, charities, casinos and gaming sites in Ontario. The OLG currently manages 10 casinos and operates 14 different facilities that offer slot machines to players. While the OLG is mainly a regulator for land based gambling, it also has its hands in the online industry. Most of the online casinos that are operating in Canada are located in other provinces, so the OLG decided to allow Ontario residents the ability to play at their own local online casino. Last year, the OLG launched its own online casino and it is now one of the most popular among Canadian players.

PlayOLG.ca is the site for players form Ontario and there are many gambling options that are offered. Here. Players form Ontario can enjoy a vast array of casino games as well as online lottery tickets and video poker. The decision to launch the site came after great discussion when it was realised that an online casino in Ontario would offer a great increase in revenue for this area of Canada. The site was a huge success and now, players from Ontario often choose sites that are operated by OLG as their primary sites for online gambling.

Play OLG is the only legal online casino in Ontario and offers payers a great way to enjoy everything they would find in land casinos. Of course, Ontario residents will still have the ability to play at any other licensed Canadian casino as well as off shore sites. With this added option, players have found that they prefer gambling in a casino site that is local so that he revenues generated actually affect local economy.

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