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Welcome to our website that's all about US and global online casino gambling. The intent behind this website is to provide those who reside in the United States and are intrested in gambling online witha more clear picture of what online gambling is and some of the issues surrounding this industry.

As seasoned veterans in this industry harnessing over 20 years jointly of expereince we cover topics that we thing are worthy of reading. In addition to covering information surrounding gamlbing online in the United States we also provide information about online casinos for Canadian, Australian and New Zealand players. These markets are also ripe with issue but also a lot more clear cut as far as legislation goes comparatively speaking to that of the United States. For those looking to get started and playing right now we suggest visitin a website such as for more information on where to play.

Is USA Online Gambling Legal

Players who reside in the USA have found it very difficult to gamble online due to laws that restrict the sites and payment methods that can be enjoyed by these players. However, some new laws have been passed that actually legally allow USA players to access online casinos that are operating right in the country. At this time, only a few states are allowed to offer online casino games to players and there are restrictions involved. One is that eh players must reside in the state that is operating the casino. For example, players accessing a New Jersey online casino must reside in New Jersey if they are playing the real money games.

There are a few states that are trying to get licenses to operate their own casinos, so this type of gambling will surely become popular are more accessible to players from the US. For the meantime, these players will have to play at those casinos in their home state or access the off shore sites that are available. The one problem that players may continue to have when playing online is funding casino accounts with credit cards as this is not allowed in off shore sites and is not even accepted at some US online casinos.

What is the UIGEA

Online casinos are a great way for US players to enjoy life like gambling from home, but there are laws that present some restrictions for these players. The UIGEA is a bill that was passed to try to prevent US residents from gambling online. This does not actually make online gambling illegal for these players, but it does resent problems for players who are trying to fund their casino accounts in off shore casinos. With the UIGEA, banks in the US are required to deny any transaction to an online casino, so this means that players will not be able to use credit or debit cards at these sites to make casino deposits.

Even though US online gambling has been legalised in some states, players are still finding that credit cards are not being accepted. This is because the laws have not been fully updates and many financial institutions may not allow the transaction to be processed, even though the casino is operating legally in the USA. With UIGEA, players in off shore casinos are very restricted and it is believed that USA online casinos will soon be accepting credit and debit card payments with no problems as online gambling becomes more popular for those residing in the country. More information can be found at Wikipedia for those looking for a more full and versed interpretation of the UIGEA.

State by State USA Online Gambling Regulation

As online gambling is a popular pastime for many US residents, some states have been working hard to get online casinos legalised. Unfortunately, only a few states have been successful and even though they do offer legal online casinos for US residents, players are still restricted in some ways. Despite the change in laws pertaining to US online gambling, players cannot access any online casino and play real money games. The states that have legalised the operation of these casinos online restrict players to being residents of that state only. This means that some players have the benefit of playing in casinos that are licensed in the US while others are still waiting for their state to make some legal changes.

At this time, there are only a few states that allow this form of gambling with the first two being Nevada and New Jersey top legalise online casinos. However, many other states have taken steps to start the process that will allow them to operate their own online casinos and offer online gambling services to many more US residents. This will take time, but the ball is in motion and there will soon be many more options for players who enjoy the excitement of online casino games. If you're looking for information about top gaming services we suggest Winner Casino to find information about the top gaming service websites.

Future of USA Online Gambling

Players in the US have had the great opportunity to start playing in casino sites that are operated in the US. Many players have been accessing off shore casinos for their gambling needs, but a few states have already legalised online casinos, allowing players to play in their own state. Unfortunately, there are only a few states that allow this. However, with the success that has been enjoyed in these states, many others are trying to get bills passed that will allow them to also offer online casinos to residents.

The future of US online gambling is quickly changing and players who have suffered with restrictions for many years will soon find that their own state may be one that is in the process of legalising online gambling. Passing the bills and making it legal will take some time, but a number of US states, including New York, Massachusetts and California are in the beginning stages. Even though online casinos may not be offered in these states for a few years, it is reassuring to US residents that here is a possibility that they will be able to play legally in sites that are licensed and operated in their own country.